The K S Hegde Medical Academy has a well stocked library. With a floor area of 2512 sq.meter the library can comfortably accommodate more than 350 students at a time. 

     The library has a main reading hall and a reference section for the staff. It has the latest editions of more than 15815 text and reference books, besides reports, WHO publications, thesis and 142 Indian and international medical journals, direct link with Rajiv Gandhi University Consortium (Helinet) with an access to online journals. Bound volumes of earlier issues of journals too, are available. The books are catalogued based on A.A.C.R. and classified as per D.D.C. 

The library is open on all days from:

Monday - Saturday : 08:30 am. to 10:00 pm 

Sunday & Gen Holiday : 09:00 am to 01:00 pm.

     The library has an audio-visual section with cassettes, CD-ROMs and slides available on various topics and a reprographic section where photocopies of literature are available for a nominal fee.

     The library has a well established computer centre with a dedicated leased line for the staff and students" access to the Internet & e-mail facility. The library also has Medline on CD-ROM since the year 1966. The Medline is a valuable reference tool for both students and faculty. Some of the other services provided at the library are reference and consultation service, J-gate service with access to all E-journals on the net, information retrieval service, lending services for staff only, routing of journals and current awareness service. 

 Library Collection:

Book Bank 276
Clinicalkey e-Books 1130
Jaypee E-books 2123
Print Journals:  
Foreign 68
Indian 74
Online Journals:  
Clinicalkey Journals 675
Proquest Journals 1925
Medical Clinics of North America  53
Lancet series  9
Back Volumes of Journals 2741
WHO Publications  


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